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  • Monitored Antivirus

    Monitored Antivirus


    Protecting your system against viruses is like dealing with a moving target. Once an antivirus program knows how to block known malware, suddenly a new, unknown threat appears to potentially infect your workstations and servers. The Managed Antivirus capabilities in our Remote Monitoring & Management Suite can help your systems proactively stay ahead of all malware threats, both known and emerging. Managed Antivirus not only keeps your network’s security up-to-date with the latest known threats by using traditional signature-based protection, but it also protects against new viruses by using sophisticated exploratory checks and behavioral scans of your system.



    • Signature-based scanning – Extensive, signature- based threat detection works to block all known threats.
    • Heuristic checks – Protect against previously unknown threats using heuristic checks, which detect unrecognized viruses in a sandbox environment away from a business’s core systems.
    • Continuous, real-time monitoring – Ongoing scans of your system help detect programs that perform behaviors and actions commonly associated with malware exploits.



    • Lightweight scans – By reducing the size of scans, system resources can maintain high performance levels.
    • More accurate scanning – Scans that are more precise will reduce the number of false positives.
    • Scheduling options – Schedule deep scans for off- hours so you don’t disrupt employees during important productive hours.



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  • Patch Managment

    Patch Management

    Prevent Threats By Keeping Software Up-To-Date

    Part of the job of keeping your network safe is to diligently and regularly apply patches to all of the software that interacts with your IT environment. If you have many workstations and servers, patch management can quickly get very complex – and possibly expose your system to sluggish performance and serious security risks. Capstone Technologies Group Remote Management Suite streamlines patch management.  Capstone Technologies Group Remote Management Suite gives you peace of mind while getting the job done.

    Features Overview

    • Automation – Auto-approve patches for specific programs based on severity levels.
    • Scheduling – Set patching windows to update software without disrupting employees during times of high productivity.
    • Customizable policies – Apply custom settings to individual devices as needed.



    • Patches for most business software – Over 80 application families, including Apple, Google, Java, Adobe, zip tools, Skype and Yahoo Messenger.
    • Support for Microsoft products – Continuous updates for Microsoft Windows, Exchange, Office 365 and more.
    • Extra security for commonly exploited programs – The latest security patches for vulnerable programs such as Adobe and Java.



    • Automated pushes for disabled devices – Never miss an update for any devices that might be disabled during a standard patch management window.
    • Deep scans to find new vulnerabilities – Use deep scans to uncover new sources of risk or inefficiency in your network.



    Including, but not limited to:

    • Microsoft Office 365

    • Exchange
    • SQL Server
    • Internet Explorer
    • Windows OS
    • Java
    • Adobe
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple iTunes
    • Apple QuickTime



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  • Reporting


    A Full Suite Of Reports, Including:

    • 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts
    • Daily and Weekly Summaries
    • Device Inventory
    • Hardware and Software Reports
    • User Audit
    • Antivirus Protection
    • Backup Integrity
    • Take Control


    Executive Summary Report

    Our Executive Summary Report is the perfect tool for busy principals to utilize.

    • Health Score – A global view of your networks and devices to communicate the overall status at a glance.
    • Managed Devices – Summary of devices being managed, checks that have passed and alerts that have been resolved.
    • Protection Effectiveness – Snapshots show a breakdown of various security activities performed to keep your networks safe.
    • Top 5 Rankings – Quick lists showing the “top 5” updates within various categories to help spot trends or concerns.
    • Terminology – Terms and categories are defined to ensure added clarity and readability.



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    Contact us toll-free at 855-319-1211, locally at 937-319-1211, by email at info@captechgroup.com or via FacebookTwitter, or Google+ 

  • Security

    Security Monitoring

    At Capstone Technologies Group, security isn’t just a service we offer. Security is at the root of everything that we do.

    From your internet to your computers and back out to your connected mobile devices, our solutions will ensure a secure, safe connection while allowing your network to perform at optimum levels. While your data is on your network, our monitoring software will alert us to any intrusion or tampering attempts. When your data travels across the internet, we make sure that it’s fully encrypted.

    Many offices choose to allow workers to work remotely- we can secure your data so that you can connect at any time, from any place, safely and securely, using your smartphone, tablet, or notebook.

    Multiple offices? Using secure VPN technology, we can connect all of your locations with each other allowing the secure sharing of data and resources within your organization.

    We’ll monitor your backups every day and ensure that they’re fully encrypted, tested and your backup solution is working properly. In case of a catastrophe, our continuity and disaster recovery plan will go into effect, minimizing your downtime and allowing your business to continue with minimal disruption.

    And at the end of equipment life, Capstone Technologies Group offers a secure data disposal service to sanitize any data prior to sale or disposal.



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    Vulnerability Assessment

    Vulnerabilities that may exist across your systems and applications can create an easy path for attackers to gain access to and exploit your environment. With dozens and even hundreds of applications and systems across your environment with access to the Internet, maintaining and updating system operating systems and applications to eliminate vulnerabilities is paramount - especially when those applications and systems are tied to sensitive customer, patient or cardholder information.

    What is a Vulnerability Assessment?

    Vulnerability Assessment
    Vulnerability assessment is the process of identifying how vulnerable an infrastructure is to known vulnerabilities—the number one threat to all networks today. The threats/risks found in the vulnerability assessment are ranked and prioritized to expose the current security posture, and to facilitate the remediation process. The first assessment is a baseline snapshot illustrating current threats. The second and subsequent assessments are known as periodic or differential scans, and illustrate trending analysis that answers the question—is our security posture improving over time?
    It is important to understand that vulnerabilities exist across most systems and devices throughout the network. Our typical testing may include firewalls, routers or other network infrastructure devices, intrusion detection and prevention systems, web servers, email systems, virtual private networking (VPN) systems, etc. and almost any device that is attached to the network. Many organizations have specific assessment requirements. We work with customers to help define requirements and goals to ensure that the scope of work/deliverables exceeds expectations. With our Vulnerability Assessment service we don’t simply give you the results and generic recommendations from the latest vulnerability scanning tool, we provide real world analysis of the data and use it to create a remediation plan specifically tailored to your organization. This allows your organization to quickly determine and prioritize the remediation efforts that will result in a measured improvement in the security of your sensitive information.
    It is important to note that Network Vulnerability Assessment services are not a replacement for and are not interchangeable with Network Penetration Testing services.

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