Computer Services- Managed Service Provider

Computer Services- Managed Services

Capstone Technologies Group offers a professional level of services to our clients. Our Managed Services computer service gives us the ability to maintain a safe and productive IT environment at your business. Using features such as background monitoring, automated tasks, managed antivirus, web filtering, Risk Intelligence, patch management, and managed backups, we ensure that your network is secure and protected at all times.



Why Managed Services?  In the fast changing IT world, threats appear and act within the space of a few hours.  Regulatory compliance demands documentation of compliance.  Things just break.  And you need your systems to work at peak efficiency to be productive.  As a managed services provider we act as your partner, monitoring your systems and coordinating with your other vendors and suppliers to ensure that your attention is not distracted by your technology so you can focus on your business.  And our Microsoft Certified Professional technicians are YOUR advocate in all technology matters allowing you something that’s priceless- peace of mind that someone is on your side.


We provide...

  • Customized solutions for your business
  • Discounted labor pricing to managed services customers
  • Compliance and security for regulatory requirements such as HIPAA, PCI, etc
  • Controlled, predictable spending
  • Proactive solutions for your business
  • Fast support- remote and onsite
  • Vendor management

What do our customers say?

I have worked with Brian over the past 7 years. He has always operated in a professional manner. Brian is a man of integrity and dependability. His commitment to clients and projects is second to none.

Steven S.


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Our office hours are Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM, excluding all State and Federal holidays. We have service hours by appointment outside of those hours. (937) 319-1211 or click the Contact Us button on the left side of this page and send us a message. Or you can reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter, Google, or LinkedIn.  Your communication will be answered promptly.