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Computer Repair - Malware Removal

Capstone Technologies Group offers a professional level of onsite and remote computer repair and virus/malware removal services to our clients.  From identifying the infection and removing the computer virus/malware to protecting your computer from another infection, our Microsoft Certified Professionals will use the latest tools and techniques to safeguard your data, your privacy, and your peace of mind.  Don't risk your confidential and critical data!  Our certified professionals will work with you during your office hours or at another time that is most convenient and least disruptive for you and your business and perform your virus removal.  In many cases, computer virus and malware removal can be done remotely ensuring the interval between your call and the resolution of the computer to full functionality and security will generally be much shorter.



At Capstone Technologies Group we know that we rely on our computers to help our businesses in many ways.  And the computers are usually connected to The Internet- a wide open frontier for those who want to use your machine for their ends, whether that means showing you the ads they want you to see, logging your keystrokes to recover your banking passwords, using your machine mine for cryptocurrency, or even encrypting your hard drive and all of your information and holding it for ransom.

If you have a modern antivirus/antimalware program that is updated regularly you are doing well and chances are you’re not even reading this right now.  But if you ARE reading this then the chances are that you have been infected either as a drive by at a hijacked web site, you got something in your email and clicked on it, or someone else on your network has infected their machine and now the computer infection has reached your computer.  WE CAN HELP!

The good news? Usually we can restore your computer to pre-infection condition!  And we can help you prevent it from happening again! 

DON’T TAKE CHANCES!  Let one of the professionals from Capstone Technologies Group connect with you and diagnose the problem and apply the solution.  Don’t suffer with misbehaving or slow computers.  Let us get you running at the speed of business again.

Hints that you may be infected...

  • Is your computer or network running unusually slowly?
  • Do you have new or unusual toolbars in your browser?
  • Has your homepage or search engine changed or does your browser go to unusual sites?
  • Have you gotten a letter from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) about unusual activity on your internet connection? 
  • Does your computer seem to do things on its own?

What do our customers say?

A secure operations network is critical for our separate departments and personnel to perform at A+ level. I depend on Brian and Captech to keep me worry-free so that I can focus on our customers and building the business. His service and knowledge is above the competition. Doing business with Captech has added value to my business.

Stacy A.


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