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Learn why delaying maintenance and updates never pays off for small businesses, as demonstrated by the recent Southwest Airlines software meltdown. Capstone Technologies Group offers tips and services to help you stay up to date and avoid costly disruptions.

Is Your Business Running on Outdated Software/Hardware? Don't Let It Cost You Like Southwest Airlines

Capstone Technologies Group helps businesses keep their software and systems up to date to avoid costly disruptions and downtime. The recent Southwest Airlines meltdown serves as a powerful reminder of why businesses should not delay maintenance and updates. Due to outdated software, the airline faced major disruptions during the 2022 holiday season, resulting in the cancellation of over 15,000 flights and millions of passengers stranded across the country. This incident caused Southwest Airlines to lose an estimated $800 million in December alone, with another $300 million in losses expected to follow.

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Valuable Lessons To Be Learned

Here are four reasons why delaying maintenance and updates never pays off:

  • Delaying maintenance and updates always costs more. Skipping regular updates and maintenance may seem like it saves money in the short term, but it will be more expensive in the long run. Just like with a house or car, delaying maintenance means that eventually, you'll have to spend more to fix the issue. You may also have to replace the entire system or software earlier than expected, which will ultimately cost you more.
  • Short-term savings can lead to long-term expenses. Delaying an update or upgrade to save money can result in needing to fix more than just the problem you initially noticed. Regularly scheduled maintenance is always cheaper than having to do major repairs or upgrades.
  • Delayed maintenance can lead to catastrophic failure. Waiting too long to address an issue can lead to catastrophic failure. Outdated software or hardware can result in data breaches, lost productivity, decreased customer satisfaction, and more. Eventually, it will fail, and it could cause a much bigger problem than if you had just updated it regularly.
  • Your service partner can help you make updates part of a long-term plan. If you're worried about the cost of updates or upgrades, talk to Capstone Technologies Group. We can help you figure out how to make updates part of a long-term plan that will save you money in the long run. Our services include regular security patches, software upgrades, hardware replacements, and more. We can help you understand what updates are critical to your company's productivity and profitability and which ones can wait.
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Don't let outdated software or hardware hold your business back. Contact Capstone Technologies Group today to learn how we can help you stay up to date and avoid costly disruptions. With our proactive maintenance and software updates, you can ensure your business is always operating at its best.

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