Disaster Recovery Strategies & Planning

Disaster Recovery

Capstone Technologies Group offers flexible disaster recovery solutions to meet the unique needs of your business, because when it comes to disaster recovery, every business is different.
Disasters strike in all shapes and sizes, from storms, floods, fires, and leaks to hardware failures and data corruption. Our disaster recovery solutions (like all of the solutions at Capstone Technologies Group) are designed to be flexible and scalable to work with complex, changing systems to give you the reliability and dependability you need without having to pay for resources you’re not using, while providing required regulatory compliance for HIPAA and PCI standards.
We believe that disaster recovery is a holist strategy blending people, processes, policies, and technologies. We focus on restoring the IT systems critical to supporting your business functions. If you don’t have a disaster recovery strategy yet, we can help you create your own plan for the systems you need to operate.
Many companies have portions of a disaster recovery plan in place. They perform backups, have contact lists, maybe even have an actual recovery plan- but has it been tested? As part of our disaster recovery plans we also implement a yearly testing option where we verify every aspect of your plan, guaranteeing your ability to function in the event of a disaster.
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