Computer Repair in Springfield Ohio

Capstone Technologies Group is a full service IT services company, including computer repair, for your Springfield, Ohio, business.
We offer fast, affordable and best of all, GUARANTEED onsite computer repair services and IT solutions to business professionals in the Springfield area. Our Microsoft Certified Technicians will come to your place of business, diagnose the issue and provide you with an estimate on repair.
Some of the most common services are:
  • Malware removal /Virus removal- Rootkits, trojans, spyware, viruses, browser hijacks and other malware. Part of this service also includes updating and patching the computer to avoid a re-infection.
  • Software Installations & Repair- Making applications do what they're supposed to do for you.
  • Computer upgrades- 
  • RAM Upgrades- Generally the least expensive way to see the most significant performance gains.
  • Drive Upgrades- Whether it's a hard disk drive for more storage or an upgrade to a DVD or Blu-Ray to use modern media.
  • Monitor Upgrades- Because CRT monitors are hotter and less energy efficient than LCD's. Plus LCD monitors cause less eye fatigue over the same period of time
  • Data Services- Migrations, restorations, backups and backup strategies , and for those that don't have backup strategies in place, we also offer data recovery.
  • Operating System Upgrades- If you're running Windows XP or Vista, it's time to upgrade. End of support (updates & service packs) was April 14, 2009 for XP and April 10, 2012 for Vista. You are placing your business at risk by continuing to run an unsupported operating system and you're out of compliance with regulatory requirements.  Windows 7, 8.1 or 10 is what you should be running.
  • Networking- Upgrading your router or wireless access point can speed up your network. Or we can help with upgrading your Internet connection AND save you money at the same time! Whether it's wired or wireless, we have your connection!


Looking to do some remote access from home or on the road? We can provide a secure, easy to use VPN solution for your office like we have for dozens of others. Need to connect a branch office or three? No problem! Wireless for guests or clients? We have the answers you're looking for.

Fast, affordable and best of all GUARANTEED!
In addition to repairs, we also sell and install hardware and software, provide installation and configuration services, education & training, installation of wired and wireless networking, and managed services. For a complete listing of services offered, please view our Services page
Need help even faster? We offer remote assistance for non-contract customers using secure Citrix remote assistance software.
Our Microsoft certified technicians can securely and remotely log into your computer and perform many repair operations remotely.

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Contact us toll-free at 855-319-1211, locally at 937-319-1211, by email at info@captechgroup.com or via FacebookTwitter, or Google+ 

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38 W High St, Springfield, OH 45502-1250
Local 1-937-319-1211
- info@captechgroup.com

Our offices are open from 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.  Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all Federal holidays.  Onsite and remote assistance is available by appointment outside of normal business hours.
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