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Maintaining a safe and productive IT environment means knowing what’s happening with every single part of your network at all times.

Remote Monitoring from Capstone Technologies Group gives you the power of complete, near real-time network visibility that’s as easy to use as it is effective.

With features such as background monitoring, automated tasks for large groups of devices and maintenance windows to ensure business productivity, you’ll gain new levels of awareness and control of your entire environment.



• Automatic alerts – Daily notifications about device availability, performance, security and backup status.

• Performance checks – Check hardware and software status on workstations and servers across multiple locations.

• Security monitoring – Monitor events such as antivirus scans and multiple failed logins.

• Email notifications – You can sign up to receive emails that alert you to every failed check or overdue server.



• Windows, Mac and Linux – Track workstations and servers across platforms and operating systems including Windows, OS X and Linux.

• Mobile devices – Keep track of smartphones and tablets with mobile device checks and monitoring.

• Virtual machines – Run checks on all your virtual sessions and virtual machines.

• SNMP monitoring – Use SNMP monitoring functionality to keep track of network devices such as servers, printers, routers and switches.



• Background maintenance – We can fix issues by using remote command lines and custom scripts and by managing system processes and services – all without disrupting users.

• Maintenance windows – Schedule maintenance to run during off-hours to avoid disrupting productivity or raising false downtime alarms.

• Granular roles and permissions – Create rules around who can access data and systems based on their role in the organization.

• Automation and bulk actions – Standardize checks, rules and tasks across sites, servers and workstations; perform bulk actions across hundreds of devices.



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